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FMS provides experienced online marketing services, which includes very effective PPC management and search engine marketing.
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Paid Advertisting

Here at FMS we believe in providing additional online marketing services that allow our clients to pack an effective punch, especially when they want to compliment their organic SEO. While a business may have a strong organic presence within Google, sometimes depending on the industry, they may benefit from an additional presence within paid advertising listings. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Pay-Per-Click presence or increase your social media brand, paid advertising within the search engines or social media can provide a significant payoff. Pay-Per-Click is a thriving and powerful platform to quickly generate increased web traffic that drives targeted visitors to your site.


FMS Paid Advertising Services


Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords)

  • Custom market analyses
  • Custom ad copy
  • Remarketing, Affinity, & In-market targeting
  • Ongoing Keyword Research
  • Access to the entire AdWords advertising suite


In addition to these targeting methods, we will merge strong keywords into your PPC campaigns to attract more users to check you out. Our team will infuse custom ad copy that is designed to be relevant to your landing pages, keywords, and desired lead type(s).


FMS Social Media Paid Advertising Services


Facebook Paid Marketing – The first step to Facebook marketing is making sure you have an effective business page that represents your brand and is optimized properly. Your business page is your company’s headquarters on Facebook.


The next step involves creating different advertisements that are geared toward your target demographics. This is unique because you can determine the age, education, gender, likes and interests, location, and relationship status of your target audience. Obviously, these specifications allow for more powerful and pointed marketing projects within Facebook. When you have the ability to fine-tune who is seeing your advertisements, you are in a unique position to improve the overall efficacy of your company’s marketing.


Finally, connecting with users and engaging with your target audience in a meaningful way to encourage conversions. Achieving this is the final result of creating quality posts and promoting those posts with advertisements to engage your target audience and the people they are most likely to share them with. You will be tapping into wide, diverse and well-connected networks that will shoot you into a more receptive and eager market.