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SEO Case Study – Client A

SEO Case Study – Client A

Client A – Air and Heating Contractor

Client A started their SEO services with FMS back in February 2014. At that point their total traffic was at 197. The top traffic producer was referral traffic followed by direct traffic, organic search and social media.

In a case like this, when a client is brand new to search engine optimization, you must discuss how important it is to increase their organic traffic. Obtaining traffic from referring websites and direct traffic is good, after all, some traffic is better than no traffic. But let’s break this down further. Referring traffic may result from this clients company information, such as who they are, a link to their websites, phone and email contacts, and so on, being listed on sites such as YellowPages, Manta, BBB, and HotFrog. Now these are all solid business directory – social sites, but in our experience, most (not all) never send high quality traffic that converts to paying customers. In order to achieve a higher conversion rate it was important that they got to work on their organic presence within the search engines.

October 2014

After six months of SEO services with FMS, the analytic acquisition graph shows us that client A experienced a complete change in their organic presence within the search engines. Their organic traffic, which was their third best traffic producer six months earlier, is now producing 372 visits per month and is their top traffic producer. This client has experienced a higher number of conversions, site visitors that became paying customers, and business has been the bests it’s ever been. Their second highest traffic producer stayed the same with direct traffic although that number increased as well. Direct traffic represents visitors that know who you are and usually type your website’s url into their browser instead of finding you through a search engine results page. Their referral traffic dropped in quantity as well as positioning but in this case that’s OK as we wanted organic and direct to be their top producers. The chances of site visitors converting to paying customers is much greater when you have that traffic coming from organic search and direct. Social media increased from 2 visits to 12 over this course of six months. This client hadn’t put much emphasis on their local social media presence but has since starting to do more with that now that organic is doing very well.


Local businesses and well as national need to consider search engine optimization as a part of their marketing strategy. The days of using mailers and other old school marketing techniques and services are going away. 95% of all searches for a product or need starts with a search engine. When somebody needs an air and heating contractor to service their homes air conditioner they use a search engine to see which contractor is in their area. Whenever somebody needs a national product, the search to fulfill that need or want begins with a search engine. If your company’s brand and website lack a strong online presence, whether that be within the search engines or social media, you have to take action now. Search engines and social media are going to continue to grow and each day that your company is not being found on one of these platforms is one more day potential new business found your competition. Call or email FMS to discuss a no obligation strategy that will help you improve your organic presence online.

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